ABOUT the artist


My name is Jenn Melissa & I am a Professional Freelance Makeup Artist located in South Florida. My clientele base stretches from Palm Beach to Miami-Dade. I specialize in bridal, personal events, photo shoots, special effects, & all other makeup applications for any occasion.

My journey in makeup artistry began in 2011.While I was starting my freelance career, I was also pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Finance & Marketing. I looked at my schooling as a chance to teach myself business skills for my freelance career. I graduated from Florida Atlantic University & I have been freelancing for 9 years now. Although I have learned a lot over the years, every time I pick up a brush, I continually experience more growth in my craft.

I have always loved art, particularly painting, & I know I had a knack for it. Makeup was always a way for me to express my love of art using people as my canvases. My goal with my work is always to put my clients first & to make them feel like themselves; but a more enhanced version of themselves. My top priority aside from a great final product & creating a safe space for my clients is to make sure their individual style & personality comes through in their vision of what they'd like. The smiles I get once I’m done with a client makes my job worth it.

I have had the opportunity to be a part of many events and each one is as special as the last. Whether it's a wedding, pageant, photo shoot or upcoming school dance, I understand the importance and desire most ladies have in wanting a great look and a major part of that is their makeup!​ When it comes to multi-media, it's crucial to understand all the elements of video and photographic makeup. My experience helps me to know how makeup will be affected according to camera techniques, lighting, film stocks and exposure. That also means that for event makeup, the technique is a little different but always done in order to achieve a long-lasting, flawless look!

It would be an honor for me to work with you on all your makeup needs for your next event!